“I Identify as a female” Larry Elder MOCKS California feminist law


Conservative Radio Personality Larry Elder Reacted to the recent California law requiring females on the board of companies in a tweet today, using the transgender argument as a base for his claim.

See the tweet below:


The law which would mandate at least two female directors by the end of 2021 if the company has five directors and three women if the company has six directors or more. Violators face fines from $100,000 and up to $300,000 for multiple violations of the statute.

“Given all the special privileges that corporations have enjoyed for so long, it’s high time corporate boards include the people who constitute more than half the ‘persons’ in America,” California Governor Jerry Brown said in a statement announcing the bill’s signing

Larry Elder (Host of the highly rated Radio show ‘The Larry Elder Show’ on CRN) has been an open critic of leftist policies and is and often speaks out about the use of racism as a tool for Liberal politicians to exploit black people. He has faced a lot of criticisms for his work, with critics calling him  names such as ‘uncle tom’ or white apologist.

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