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Ann Coulter SLAMS The UK's 'Pathetic' Knife Ban

As if more evidence is needed that bans don’t work, the United Kingdom’s knife crime ‘epidemic’ is soaring.  Even though there are incredibly strict knife control laws in the UK, public officials are declaring the knife violence a public health crisis.

Ann Coulter slam the pathetic ban, stating that it wouldn’t be necessary if the victim had a gun.

In Britain, it is currently illegal to carry a knife longer than three inches in public “without good reason” and illegally carrying a knife can be punished with up to four years in prison and an “unlimited fine.”
Self-defense is not listed among the examples of “good reasons to carry a knife.” The courts determine if someone’s reason to carry a knife is valid. Condoned examples of knife-carrying include if it is necessary for a person’s work or if it is being brought to a gallery for exhibition.
There were 15 murders committed in London in February and another 22 in March, while New York saw 14 murders in February and 21 in March, according to murder rate statistics provided to by London’s Metropolitan Police and the New York Police Department.

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  1. Usual sloppy journalism. The figures are of course very misleading – the last few years the murder rate in New York has been up to three times that of London. It is increasing slightly in London now and New York s dropping but those two months quoted are still a blip. She seems to be suggesting that banning knives increases the murder rate which nonsense with no evidence whatever. Why can’t people try and be objective rather than riddled with their own agenda.

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