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MSNBC Host caught Lying on Live TV

MSNBC Host Incorrectly Claims Broward County Election Supervisor Is a Republican.

Andrea Mitchell in an attempt to steer the narrative away from the concern that Snipes might be intentionally tipping the scales in favor of Democrats, saying, “We should also point out that Brenda Snipes in Broward County is a Republican appointed by former governor … Jeb Bush. So she was put in by a Republican governor after the mess that we all remember from 2000. And she’s hardly a Democratic official, or someone doing the bidding of the Democratic candidates there.”—This of course is partly false.
She was elected by bush, but she is in no way a republican. Jeb Bush has recently called for her resignation due to descepancies in recent election processes.

Snipes has also been found guilty of not disposing of ballots properly in 2016 amongst other chatges.

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