Brexit: Queen Blasts Theresa May over her ‘secrecy’ regarding deal negotiations

The Queen was reportedly “disappointed” by the Prime Minister’s refusal to discuss plans for Brexit during her first stay at Balmoral.

Theresa May stuck to her “Brexit means Brexit” line during the visit to Scotland in September, rather than giving the royals an insider briefing on how she intended to negotiate Britain’s way out of the EU, a source close to the monarch told The Times.

The Tory leader’s secrecy allegedly upset the Queen, who is said to consider the Prime Minister’s autumnal visit to Balmoral a chance to develop a closer and less formal relationship with whoever is running the country.

The women had met for weekly audiences at Buckingham Palace but according to biographer Robert Lacey, the Queen considers a visit to Balmoral as an opportunity to extend the “audience” process between Prime Minister and monarch, and to further develop trust.

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