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Brexit News: Nigel Farage OBLITRATES Theresa May– 'GET RID of her! most Corrupt and WORST UK Leader ever'

Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the former Ukip leader said he believed the draft Brexit plan Theresa May will reveal on Wednesday is “the worst deal in history”. The mastermind behind the Leave campaign claimed the Prime Minister had to be replaced with someone else prepared to go back to Brussels and threaten to leave without a deal unless a free trade agreement was on the negotiating table.

He said: “This is the worst deal in history.

“We’re giving away in excess of £40 billion in return for precisely nothing.
“Trapped still inside the European Union’s rulebook, continuing free movement of people, continuing with a foreign court having a say over our own country.
“Nothing has been achieved other than giving away a huge sum of money.”
He added: “The truth of it is in any negotiation in life, any business negotiation the other side needs to know that you’re serious about walking away.
“And what Mr Barnier knew from day one is that at no point did Theresa May intend to walk away and I just hope that we see today in the Cabinet and later on in the House of Commons our politicians realising we didn’t just vote to leave in a referendum, we backed it up in a general election.

“This is now a fundamental matter of trust between the electors of our country and those that govern us.“

He described Theresa May as “not just the worst prime minister I’ve ever seen but perhaps the most dishonest one as well”.

He added: “Get rid of her. Let’s get somebody else, let’s come back to the EU and say ‘look, let’s have a simple free trade deal or we are leaving on WTO (World Trade Organisation) terms’.

“And do you know what? They’ll bite our arms off.”
Asked what he thinks will happen next, he said: “I believe that the Cabinet will collapse, I believe that Parliament will collapse.
“I think we have a career political class who will put their own reselection within their parties above the interests of the nation and our democratic system.”

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  2. Britain absolutely needs to break free of Europe and cut every tether that attaches to this monster! However Nigel Farage indeed did a great job to get the country behind Brexit but his success went to his head and he decided to put up his feet and slap himself on the back instead of taking up the crusade of then leading his country through the minefield of seperation. Britian now needs leadership, real leadership. I honestly thought that Farage would take up the challenge!

  3. I voted for brexit not a deal of any kind. I also realize that this will probably mean that things will not go smoothly and there will inevitably be many issues that will take time to resolve, I also expect that leaving the EU will mean that costs will rise during this settling in period, however I think that this is a price worth paying for free trade, controlling our fishing industry and immigration along with having our laws being made in our own country by democratically elected people, not unelected members of the EU who do not have our interests at heart.

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