Ilhan Omar cries for help after Trump exposes THIS about her

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey after paying  a visit to the White House on April 23, called Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar about the death threats that had been made against her on Twitter following a post by President Trump himself.

Omar has been the target of a stream of ‘mean’ comments on Twitter. As she said in a statement posted on Twitter, “Since the President’s tweet… I have experienced an increase in direct threats on my life—many directly referencing or replying to the President’s video.”


According to a Washington Post report, Dorsey stood by his decision not to pull Trump’s tweet—a video that combined a controversial phrase from Omar’s speech at a Council on Islamic Relations banquet with footage of the attacks on the Twin Towers. President Trump captioned it all with: “NEVER FORGET.”

Twitter’s refusal to take down Trump’s video tweet—which has been posted elsewhere across the Internet—has spurred leftist protests against the company. The Women’s March has launched a petition asking Twitter and Facebook to suspend President Trump’s accounts and is threatening to protest at Twitter’s upcoming stockholder meeting.

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