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JOE BIDEN CRIES FOUL: "Threat to Investigate My Son Is a Personal Attack"

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2020 presidential hopeful and former Vice President Joe Biden criticize President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani for threatening to travel to Ukraine to open an investigation into Biden and his son Hunter.
“Rudy Giuliani, it’s hard for me to comment on Rudy Giuliani. I don’t think I will because my Irish may come up. It is a personal attack. I expect that from Rudy Giuliani and the president. It’s not been one scintilla of evidence that my son ever interfered, ever asked me anything, that I ever got involved in anything other than doing the job I was supposed to do, or that he ever contacted anybody in the American government. So I’m proud of him. I think it’s the way these guys play.” He said.
Giuliani said he planned to travel to Ukraine to ask officials to investigate whether Joe Biden had once pressured the government there to dismiss a top prosecutor who was investigating a gas company at a time when Hunter Biden sat on the company’s board of directors.
The New York Times has reported that as vice president, Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in loans to the Ukrainian government if it did not dismiss the prosecutor, who was ousted shortly thereafter.
Giuliani has since called off the trip to Ukraine, but Biden accused him and the Trump administration of using their legal powers for political purposes.
“I can’t remember any lawyer representing the president, conferring with the president, deciding to go overseas, where a government relies on U.S. largesse to try to get them to do something that everybody knows never happened,” Biden said.

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