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SHOCKING! Trump Reacts to Hungarian PM Orbań's Speech after White House Visit.

Prime Minister Orbán, a Cold War anti-Communist dissident and the first European leader to openly back President Trump, was re-elected for a third consecutive term with a parliamentary super-majority on a platform promoting Hungary’s national identity and Christian heritage over EU federalism and multiculturalism, and strong borders and support for the family and child-rearing over mass migration and state-sponsored diversity.
The platform was unpopular with European Union elites and the globalist commentariat on both sides of the Atlantic, however, and a long-anticipated meeting between Orbán and Trump has been met with a storm of condemnation from the left-neoliberal media — prompting a robust response from the Hungarian government.
“This week, if you’re to believe the East Coast liberal elite, Prime Minister Orbán not only does not belong in the Oval Office, he ‘dreams of liquidating the intelligentsia,’ you know, ‘like Pol Pot or Josef Stalin’,” wrote government spokesman Zoltán Kovács.
“I swear, you can’t make this stuff up.”
U.S. President Donald Trump has praised Hungary’s hard-line prime minister for his immigration policies, as he hosted Viktor Orban in an Oval Office meeting that has worried some European allies and U.S. lawmakers who say Budapest is sliding into authoritarianism.
Orban’s May 13 meeting was his first with a U.S. president since returning to the post of prime minister in 2010.
In comments to reporters before their meeting, Trump said it was a “great honor” to have him in the Oval Office. He made passing reference to Orban’s hard-line position on immigration, in particular in 2015 when millions of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa flooded into Europe.
“Highly respected, respected all over Europe,” he told Orban. “Probably like me, a little bit controversial, but that’s OK. You’ve done a good job and you’ve kept your country safe.”
Orban told reporters he was in Washington to “strengthen our strategic alliance.”
“I’m proud to stand with the U.S. on fighting illegal migration, on terrorism and to protect Christian communities around the world,” he said.

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