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Texas Granny shoots, kills home intruder in self defense

According to CBSDFW, a Texas woman awoke Thursday to the sounds of the suspect repeatedly knocking on her front door. She refused to open the door because she had never seen the said individual before.
Soon after she heard him allegedly trying to make entry through the back door the woman hid in a closet and called 911 to report the suspect. The suspect allegedly discovered her while she was still on the 911 call and she shot him.
Deputies arrived and the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.
FOX4 News reports that the woman was not injured in the incident. The deceased invasion suspect has not been identified.
“I’m like shaking right now,” Neighbor Amanda Baber said when interviewed about the incident.
“Praise God that she had the means to protect herself and that she had the strength to do it because in situations like that, you can get pretty fearful and tend to clam up and not know what to do.”
Charges are unlikely as the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Department says the homeowner was defending herself in her own home.

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  1. I bet burglars be leery of that neighborhood for a while

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