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City Pages Expose Evidence of Ilhan Omar’s Marriage Controversy?




lhan Omar, Controversial Minnesota congresswoman broke her silence to speak with Cory Zurowski of City Pages. Omar has refused to speak with the press for the past two months about her personal life. During her interview with City Pages, she spoke of her family background, her interest in politics, and her emotional frustration with the investigation into her personal life. Specifically, the part where she potentially married her brother, thereby committing marriage and immigration fraud.


Omar’s own statements regarding the controversy have been vague at best. As a candidate and as a campaign, #teamilhan has refused to give any information that would clear this situation up and allow the world the opportunity to move on from her candidacy.


However, as Scott Johnson of Powerline Blog points out, Omar’s first response was to hire Jean Brandl, a well-known criminal defense attorney to respond to the Powerline Blog author. Her refusal to rebut any new information and clear the matter up has created her own frustration. Johnson is the writer who broke the story of Ilhan Omar possibly marrying her own brother back in August 2016.


Whether or not Mr. Zurowski realizes it, he has shed new light into the Omar case. The story, which was originally published on Wednesday, October 26, Mr. Zurowski wrote that Ilhan Omar’s father is named “Nur Said Elmi Mohamed”. A day later, Zurowski’s article was changed and now Omar’s father’s name appears in the article as “Nur Omar Mohamed”.



Why the sudden change? It could very well be that by admitting that Ilhan Omar’s father’s name is Nur Said Elmi Mohamed, it validates the information discovered earlier by Alpha News that Ilhan Omar married her brother and committed immigration fraud. An investigation into the Omar controversy by Alpha News uncovered evidence suggesting she committed marriage and immigration fraud when she married her brother.

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  1. How does marrying your brother happen? I thought it was against the law, whether you are an immigrant or not. This woman has done nothing but terrorize Congress, and America, from the moment elected. It is quite apparent that she doesn’t love or respect the country. If she is illegally here, her citizenship needs to be revoked and she should lose any hope of immigrating to the US ever again. Let her go terrorize another country.

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