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Shocking! Inside the fraudulent life of Ilhan Omar

You wouldn’t know it from the radio silence of Democratic leaders regarding radioactive Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s long-festering and bizarre bigamy scheme (which she still refuses to address), but marriage fraud is a federal felony. As the Department of Homeland Security makes clear, it is a serious crime—not a victimless, harmless infraction—that weakens our nation’s security and makes us less safe.

Eight Mideastern men who plotted to bomb New York landmarks in 1993 all obtained green cards and permanent legal residence by marrying U.S. citizens.


El Sayyid A. Nosair put a ring on American Karen Ann Mills Sweeney’s finger to avoid deportation for overstaying his visa. He acquired U.S. citizenship, allowing him to remain in the country, and was later convicted for conspiracy in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing that claimed six lives.

Top Osama bin Laden aide Ali Mohamed became a U.S. citizen after marrying a woman he met on a plane trip from Egypt to New York. He was convicted for his role in the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Africa that killed 12 Americans and more than 200 others.


A year after 9/11, Homeland Security officials cracked a vast Middle Eastern marriage fraud ring for illegal immigrants in “Operation Broken Vows” that stretched from Boston to South Carolina to California.


Faisal Shahzad, the 2010 Times Square bomb plotter, married an American woman, Huma Mian, in 2008 after spending a decade in the country on foreign student and employment visas.

Anyone capable of and willing to lie to federal officials in face-to-face interviews, falsify government forms under penalty of perjury, and conspire to undermine the integrity of our immigration system is a threat to our country.


Investigations dating back to 2016 by blogger Scott Johnson of Power Line, David North of the Center for Immigration Studies, Alpha News reporter Preya Samsundar, and PJMedia.com reporter David Steinberg have determined that the outspoken Somalian Muslim refugee likely married her own brother named Ahmed Elmi in 2009 for some unknown ill-gotten gain while still informally married to the man she calls her husband and father of her three children, Ahmed Hirsi.

After media pressure and all Omar sought to divorce Elmi. Her use of $6,000 in state campaign funds, some of which went to pay a personal divorce lawyer, is currently under state investigation.

Social media posts, photographic evidence, and publicly available biographical data strongly suggest that Elmi (now living in London) and Omar are siblings with the same father.


Many of the pair’s Instagram and Facebook comments to each other have been deleted.

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  1. Omar is an embarrassment to our Country and by her being elected, along with other Muslims in Office is a serious threat to our Country based on the core beliefs of Islam, that their Faith and the role they play take Priority over the Government they serve, with full intent to infiltrate, colonize, and finally overthrow the Governments of Every Country on Planet Earth.
    This can be viewed on YouTube, where there is a video documentary of the Muslim Brotherhood and they are bold to state what their intent is.
    Just watch the leaked tape from the Terrorist Islamic School in Philadelphia, where children put on a program explaining their Journey as Muslims, with the ultimate end to “Cut off the Heads of their Enemies”, which Islamic groups do to this day!
    This should wake up every Proud American to stand up against this Obamanation from occurring on our Free Soil.
    The Democrats have gone so far left to defend everything that is wrong, in their efforts to destroy this Country from within.
    The Dems #1 example is that they are for Late Term (any Term) Abortion’s, including Infanticide, while screaming about the immorality of how Illegal Immigrants are being Treated.
    I’ve worked in Prisons and know that they are better taken care of then our own Veterans and Elderly!

  2. You cannot trust somalian ppl, in anyway shape or form… Im sorry if i offensiv anybody, with my statement, but i’ve worked with several groups of different nationalities, and that group is trash… Drunken khat-eating lazy fuckers, that just want money from wellfare…

  3. What is wrong with this woman,,She doesn
    t belong here,not with this kind of mindset

  4. Send her back to Somalia where she belongs. Because she does not belong in the United States of America. She hates this country and wants nothing more than to destroy it from the inside out.

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