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Ilhan omar risks deportation after dozens of new found documents

Dozens of official documents suggest that Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., was living with her current husband, Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi, throughout her entire legal marriage to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, contradicting the story she tells to explain her multiple marriages.


A Cedar Riverside local who claims to have worked with Omar on Keith Ellison’s 2008 congressional campaign says that while he had seen Elmi around town, he had never known Omar and Elmi to be together.


Earlier this month, Minnesota campaign finance officials revealed that Omar and Hirsi jointly filed their taxes together in 2014 and 2015, many years before Omar and Elmi legally divorced. Both federal and Minnesota state law expressly forbid jointly filing taxes with someone who is not a legal spouse.


One confounding factor in understanding Omar’s, Hirsi’s, and Elmi’s marital history is a second address in official documents where all three have been listed as living.


In February 2009, Omar and Elmi both listed their address in their marriage application as a home in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, across the river from Omar’s other address. Hirsi, however, registered a business to the Minnesota secretary of state using that as his home address just three months after Omar’s legal marriage to Elmi.


Social media further complicates the picture.


Under penalty of perjury, Omar wrote during divorce proceedings that she had not contacted or known the whereabouts of Elmi since the summer of 2011. She also said that she had no means of contacting him, and the district court judge wrote in the divorce decree that Elmi “has not signed a declaration of non-paternity as [Omar] has had no contact with him since before the child was conceived.” Thus the court granted her request to serve Elmi with divorce papers “by alternate means.” Once a week, for three weeks in a row during August and September of 2017, Omar published public summons to Elmi in a local newspaper, Finance and Commerce.


Contradicting this claim are images from Elmi’s social media account published by a Minnesota web outlet called Alpha News, which show Elmi with Ilwad on her day of birth. Elmi’s Instagram account was deleted before the Washington Examiner could independently verify its authenticity.

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  1. Tootsie's Creationz

    She is a traitor and should be convicted of treason! She deserves the penalty provided by the law which is death! If they won’t execute her, then banish her permanently from the United States of America and all the countries under our protection. If she ever tries to come back into the country, the death sentence will be carried out immediately! She and all others like her are trying to bring this country to its knees from within our very government! She, along with the Leftist, Liberals and DemonRats are all after the same thing. Take control of our country/government and make it a communist country. Like Russia was up until President Ronald Reagan started the peace talks with them. All anyone has to do is study history. All of the Republican presidents have tried, in some way, to bring peace to the world. The DemonRats, not many have ever tried. Ocrappa actually tried to turn America into a Muslim state. He tried, but God stopped all that. He is still trying, behind the scenes, to do it by getting Muslims into government positions. People are finally starting to wake up to what’s happening. I hope it’s not already too late.

    • Norine Levy-Hughes

      I truly agree with you.. We are one NATION UNDER GOD FOREVER ✴️ “I will drive you out of office, says THE LORD. I will pull you down from your high position.” (Isaiah 22) I send this WORD OF GOD TO MANIFEST Continuously, to expose and Destroy all Evil ruler spirits OPERATING in Omar and all connected to her. Deportation is for certain for Omar, now, quickly. GOD’ Kingdom rules over all. No Weapon that is formed against us (all who agree with these words) shall prosper. I plead The Blood of JESUS CHRIST OVER us all. In JESUS NAME FOREVER I DECREE AND DECLARE 📖 ✝️

  2. Also, rumors that there’s allegations that the divorced husband may possibly be her brother. To get him into the US!

  3. She should be deported she’s a traitor and needs to back to where she’s from.

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