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Israel DEBUNKS Omar & Tlaib’s EVIL Travelling Plans

Democratic Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib said the Israeli Government is “Evil” on Monday after they rejected both passage into the Country, the situation had gotten Rashid particularly frustrated and she couldn’t hide it when she tweeted “I will not the Israeli Government to humiliate me…”

Omar and Tlaib argued that they were denied entry into the Jewish state because of their faith, while fellow members of the Congress were not. It’s just untrue. Both Omar and Tlaib could easily have joined a group of 70 of their colleagues and met with officials of the Israeli and Palestinian Authority, if the trip is supposed to be part of their “duties,” as they said.

Instead, they planned a separate trip to “Palestine” with an itinerary designed by Miftah, a group that has long praised suicide bombers and, as any good anti-Semites do, claimed that “Jews use the blood of Christians in the Jewish Passover.” You know, we hear a lot these days about how the GOP is infested with white supremacists, but I still have to run across a single instance of elected Republicans.

Even then, Tlaib, who had not visited her bad town for 13 years before her election to Congress, had asked to see her on humanitarian grounds. Israel granted the application as soon as Tlaib, now traveling as a private citizen, withdrew from anti-Semitic BDS government demonstrations during her stay.

No Nation has a moral obligation to issue visas to foreigners who are actively engaged in attempts to hurt its people, much less to the detriment of their operations. And the goal of BDS is to bring economic ruin to the democratic Jewish state, not only to Netanyahu or Likud voters or “settlers” but to every citizen in the country, including the nearly two million Arabs who live there.

Tlaib had to agree, because she had signed a letter granting those conditions to Congressional stationary. Only once Israel had given authorization to break into its mode of performance, claiming that visiting her family without being able to participate in activism amounted to “oppressive circumstances.”

Golda Meier, stated the fact that Tlaib is more involved in hating Jews than seeing her grandma, and he sees it as a microcosm of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. After all, spending time with an elderly family member for a few days, perhaps the last time, would in no manner prevent Tlaib from demonizing Israel when she returned.

Instead, the Michigan Congresswomen used their press conference to relay tales about family members, many of the American citizens who were singled out by Israelis for multiple degradations. I’m skeptical that any of these tales are true. But here’s a reality: hundreds of American people have been injured and killed by Palestinian terrorists in their lifetime.

And if the congresswoman wants to know why her town can’t easily go to a hospital in Jerusalem, well, it’s because ambulances and medical service trucks have been used to hide suicide bombers and weapons. Why are there no high-quality hospitals in the West Bank? Because the corrupt Palestinian rulers, who have been granted extensive autonomy and enormous amounts of international aid, are not building them for her.

The idea that Israel has erected walls out of an innate racist desire to punish Muslims (millions of whom live peacefully, vote and freely express themselves in Israel in ways they can’t do anywhere in the Islamic world) is a vague leftist fairy tale.

There is no doubt that checkpoints and walls disturb many Arabs though far less than Tlaib insinuates but they also save life. This is not only the lives of Israelis, but also the lives of those who would die in the reprisals against terrorist organizations that often hide behind females and kids.

The Israeli Government in their wisdom and knowledge of how terrorist operate made a very smart decision  to stop Omar and Tlaib from entering their Country.


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