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Meet The “Doomed To Fail” Trump Challengers for GOP 2020

A Dozen of Candidates have expressed their interest in challenging Trump at the GOP 2020, But these few names are certain to fail. Let’s take a look at these names.

Joe Walsh of Illinois, a former one-time House member, is set to announce he’s challenging President Trump for the party’s nomination for the 2020 election.

Walsh, 57, now a syndicated radio host, is expected to make the announcement this weekend, according to Politico. Walsh would face daunting odds against the sitting president, considering Trump’s approval rating among Republican voters is consistently in the high 80s.

“If I’m to do it, it’s going to happen soon,” Walsh said. “I’ve been really surprised by the amount of anxiousness from people across the spectrum who want this president to have a challenge, because there’s just a real concern that he’s absolutely unfit”.

Walsh would join a seemingly growing field of GOP primary challengers to Trump. Another Challenger is Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld, the 2016 Libertarian Party Vice-presidential nominee, previously announced his campaign. But Weld, 74, has little chances despite months of campaigning in New Hampshire.

Former South Carolina governor and Congressman Mark Sanford is also eyeing a Republican primary challenge from the right, focused on deficit spending and fiscal discipline.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan earlier this year eyed a Republican primary challenge to Trump, but decided against running.

A Trump campaign spokesman responded to Walsh’s expected announcement by telling the New York Times, it would end in “certain failure”.

Walsh backed Trump for president in 2016 but has become a vociferous critic over the president’s tweets, general temperament, and warmness with Russia, including what he called genuflecting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting in Finland.

Trump’s campaign spokesman has full confidence that they will all fail due to their myopic ideas about America and what it means to really rule the United States.


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