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Minnesota Police Officer challenges Ilhan Omar for seat in Congress

A Minnesota based police officer and U.S. Army veteran claims he is set to challenge Rep. Ilhan Omar for her congressional seat in 2020 told fox News show “Fox & Friends” on Friday what made him throw his hat in the ring.


Chris Kelley, the contender, who will run as an independent, told Fox News earlier this week that he decided to take on Omar after the Somali-born freshman lawmaker’s 9/11 comment, Ilhan Omar Callously Said that “some people did something” when referring to the 9/11 attackers.

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Kelley, who previously served in Operation Desert Storm and was deployed twice during the Iraq War as an intelligence analyst, told “Fox & Friends” Friday that the comments were “very dismissive and disrespectful” in his view.


“Look, three-thousand Americans died and many more first responders died [after] responding to this. … I figured you can complain or you can try and do something,” he said.

Kelley who is an advocate for immigration reform, also believes Congress has done a bad job on the humanitarian crisis on the border by not by adequately funding Border Patrol and ICE agents, who he said have been unfairly blamed for the conditions at the border by Omar and others.

“There’s not a cop or anybody in law enforcement who wants to see anybody suffer. We do need secure borders. You don’t have a country without a border, and allowing anybody to walk in is ridiculous,” he told the Duluth News Tribune

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