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Congressional Republicans Desperate To Send Hillary Clinton To Jail despite 2016 loss

Democrat Hillary Clinton lost to President Donald Trump’s election in 2016, but some Congressional Republicans are stepping up their calls to explore her and other Obama administration officials.

Their requests came as inquiries into Russian meddling and possible connections to Trump’s campaign escalated on both sides of the Capitol.

In the previous month, we received a report from Mr Epstein who accused Hilary of using High Tech companies to promote her poll numbers in 2016, Epstein was furious with her for trying to deny that fact.

Several representatives from former President Barack Obama’s administration and Clinton’s campaign appeared before or were interviewed by the House and Senate Intelligence Committees along with Trump’s campaign representatives.

The GOP-led committees are researching whether Trump’s campaign was linked to Russian interference in last year’s election.

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes, began a distinct inquiry into whether Obama’s representatives had improperly made demands to unmask the identities of Trump’s campaign officials in intelligence reports.

The Republicans are working hard to get information connecting Hilary to the Russians at the 2016 elections and once its discovered nothing will stop her from going to Jail.

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