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More Woes For Hilary Clinton’s Successors

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand announced this week that she is dropping out the 2020 race, breaking the hearts of her few primary voters’.

“Today, I am ending my campaign for president,” New York’s junior U.S. senator announced Wednesday on Twitter.

In a way, it is a fitting conclusion to a campaign run by someone who rose to power on the back of the Clinton family. Gillibrand is the beneficiary of the Clintons family’s political influence. They endorsed her appointment and her various campaigns.

One could even argue that the Clintons’ early support for Gillibrand’s career in Congress is the reason she even made it this far in the 2020 race.

And like Hillary Clinton herself, the senator’s attempts to win the Oval Office have ended in a humiliating defeat.

Her announcement this week was inevitable. Prior to pulling the plug on her White House bid, the only real question anyone ever had about her candidacy was this, When will she drop out?

For months, Gillibrand failed to gain attraction from primary voters. Nothing worked or even came close to working.

Her shameless attempts to pander to specific voting blocs went unrewarded, including when she appeared in a video during “Pride Month” milling about in a gay bar, dressed in a rainbow “Love is brave” T-shirt, sipping a whiskey, and shouting, “Gay rights!”

She was never a candidate for the US Office and that is why her career has ended with a humiliating exit.

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