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New Information Reveals Possible “Treason” By Hillary Clinton

The Investigation into Hilary Clinton’s classified emails continues to heat up as new reports shows her ties with China.

The new evidence found about Hilary’s illegal server is said to contain several information including black ops operations and special ops programs.

Having such information in a non governmental Computer system is an aggressive violation of federal law and may have put US citizens at risk, in addition, there is reports that this server has been recently infiltrated by the republic of China.

This new declassified reports offers information that Hilary’s emails were not only stored in the server but there was a strange backup account located in the main data of Hilary’s server which was sent to nearly every email that was sent to & from the server.

This email address was http://carterheavyindustries.com, the Inspector general’s office has searched for information on Carter industries and may found that it matched a company name in Shendong, China called “Carter Heavy Industries”, the inspector concluded that the company might be a front for Chinese intelligence and services.

The IG presented this information to the FBI that the company was a drop-box for Chinese intelligence but the then Top agent of the FBI an anti-trump Peter Strzok waved it aside, the IG now informed the senate which their understanding of the email was that it was a drop box from the Clinton server and also did nothing..

Now it is not only that a the chinese have received this top secret email but also that a back up email may also exist in their servers granting them access to top secret information in operation it contained.

The DOJ is sighting that if the newly released information is to be true then Hilary Clinton  may have violated laws  against the country

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